Nox App Player


Nox APP Player is a free Android emulator to play Android games and apps on PC. It is really the best way to play mobile games on PC and is the best alternative to Bluestacks. When it comes to performance, compatibility and stability compared to other applications, Nox APPPlayer remains unique. The operations of this application are easy, highly stable, efficient and powerful.


Features of Nox APP Player:


Nox APP Player is developed with Android Center 4.4.1 and is built into a custom virtual machine compared to other Android emulators. There are many new games and apps that are developed for high version of Android and so it is certain that this app has high compatibility. And some of these games are paid for, so if you’re looking forward to getting these free paid games, you need to which offers all the free paid apps!


All Android devices and Android emulators must have Google Play Store. Nox App Player is integrated with Google Play and can be operated as soon as Nox App Player is installed on the device. Thus, users are able to download any application and experience its proper functioning.


Even on Windows 10, which was released a few months ago, Nox App Player is able to run without problems in that as well. This is really a quick move from the developers of this emulator that shows the efficiency as well as the ability to develop from the Nox team. Some of the main functions of Nox APP Player are keyboard typing, microphone and camera integration. And due to these, the user is able to connect gamepad and controllers in a game.


Download Nox APP Player for PC


There is also an innovative feature added in Nox APP Player, which is multiplayer mode, as a result of which users are able to run multiple Windows Of Nox APP Player at the same time. It also allows users to customize RAM and CPU occupancy. This gives more fun to people who have limited PC budget.




In the new version of Nox App Player, few feature are added which makes it even more useful for users as video recording feature has been added. Also auto-touch macro recording feature has been added. During the nox player startup process, more operation tips are given that make the User Interface even more user friendly and system settings are re-designed. Now, users are also able to customize sidebar options. New Nox APP Player is compatible with social networking sites as well as Facebook.





How to download and install Nox Player on PC:


There are two options to download Nox Player. They are nox app installer online and nox app installer offline. Both are available on the official website. Like any other Android emulators, Nox APP Player can also be installed. You just need to go to download button on the Nox Player website.


Then the install and accept contract button will be visible and you need to select the Accept Agreement option and click install option. This will allow you to use Nox App Player once it is installed. Now, you are able to download all android games and apps for free on your PC.


Wait, it’s not finished yet. There are few Android users who are using Mac and they are desperate to download Nox APP Player. Right? Therefore, for those who are willing to use the Nox App on their Macs, you can follow the procedure below:


Download Nox Player for Mac:


Here is the mac version, which was recently released. Download from button here.




You can then follow the steps below to install Nox APP Player on your Mac.


  • Visit the official website of Nox App which is

  • Click the download button that appears on the home page

  • Install it once the download is done and wait for the emulator to completely install the files

  • The next step is to sign up with your Google Play account and start with Nox Player for Mac


We hope that now you will enjoy playing your favorite android games right after installing Nox Player on PC. If you experience any kind of problems when downloading From Nox APP Player, you can easily connect with us through the comments section below. We will resolve your appointments within 24 working hours.